New forum soon

We are working on a new Blythe forum, it will be integrated with flickr to easily upload photos (with a mouse click!) and hopefully replace the flickr sale pools we all miss. It will be ready soon!

In other news, I am really paring down my doll collection, for no reason other than we are totally house poor. I sold two of my four Ebony, my Adorable Aubrey, Adam’s MRB, AE and SME. I might also part with my Disco Boogie but I am waiting to see how the month goes. I hate letting dolls go but on the other hand it does give me more time to focus on the ones that remain. Sometimes fewer is good.



I have wanted a Mono Comme Ça doll for a long time. Adam got me one for xmas! Here is Shelly:

I want to go outside...
She is curious about the snow

Not quite as fun as I thought!
Erm, OK this was fun but it is too cold!

I'm staying in tonight
Relaxing inside with some cocoa

I also got a Star Dancer (Sean) but no pictures of her yet. Adam has tried to claim her for his own but we’ll see about that. Evidently her eye chips were very difficult to get out as well.

Since I sold my VSmash, I am thinking about Friendly Freckles to take her place! Not too many dolls to look forward to yet for 2009, but I really like FrFr so far.

Thank heavens for winter

We are *finally* settling in to our new home, and getting everything put away. Autumn ’08 was a very exciting time, but also the busiest and most stressful of my life and I am a little thankful to see it go.

We have a new petite:

bebe babushka

Her hair is not cornsilk yellow like Matryoshka Maiden, but closer to Star Dancer. Good news since a StarD is on the way to me right now :^) I wonder what other new dolls the christmas season and new year will bring?

I had Cappuchino Chat on pre-order but cancelled since I found myself referring to her as “Cappuchino Granny” after seeing her promo pictures. I hope to find Matryoshka Maiden stock and dress my Star D up to match Bebe Babushka.

The photo studio is not set up yet, but as soon as it is I hope to get some new pictures. It is getting too cold for pictures outdoors.


No new posts in a month and a half! This is partly because I haven’t had any new dolls since then, but also because we are preparing to move into our new house. There we will have our own yard to picture dolls in, as well as more space to display them. Stay tuned!

First off, the new girl has finally arrived, and her box was demolished! She was sent signature confirmation (as in our experience all packages from HK are sent) yet the postman left her on the porch and ran off without ringing the bell – we know why! She appears to be in good shape though but I can see a gap where he scalp is coming away a little – it doesn’t appear the seller did anything, more likely a heat issue from shipping so long. We love her anyway! She has been gaze corrected. Here she is:

Georgie had to jump in the picture since they both have summery dresses on. Adam made Georgie’s earrings out of something from the beads / jewelry area of the craft store.

Amazing hair! This is a really beautiful doll. No name yet!

OK now for the Ebony fashion parade. Here is Gwen with Dee in coordinating deer dresses from Sugarmag. I know Dee is Glenna’s petite but Glenna was busy and didn’t want to change, so Gwen is pinch hitting.

gwen and dee

Sandy has her old excellent body back (phew!) and is modelling her more formal date outfit:

sandy dressed up

We dismantled our old photo setup on the couch and Adam spent all day making this huge light box with foam core and plastic vellum like material. Disappointingly it makes for only marginally better pictures. I guess there is just no substitute for a well lit sunny room. That is something we don’t have!

From Adam’s photostream:

Here is Manon (AE) in the new setup.

Here it is in action, with girls waiting for their turn:

What should I call her?

An apple for Ms. Norris


I had almost decided, then changed my mind. Here is the poll on the forum to vote. Help!

Whew! This weekend has already been a whirwind of dolly activity and some of it quite unexpected! I knew my Princess was coming today in the mail but what I didn’t know was that Adam snuck yet another doll purchase right under my nose. He has incidentally never once alerted me to having purchased a doll – I always find out when I walk into our office and a new girl is standing there on the shelf. It is getting annoying! So, he had to try to outdo me. I got my wonderful PAM and he got a complete Li’l Heart!

Here is the sweet dress my Princess came in – this was taken after the teary reunion with her petites misses, Emma and Melanie (she is of course wearing blythemode shoes):


Then she got dressed to the nines and went out with her love, Georgie. If you watch the Princess a la Mode movie very carefully, you will notice that the “prince” she is dancing the night away with is Darling Diva in a dandy suit :^) here Georgie doesn’t have to pretend to be boy! I think she looks fantastic in PAM’s formal school uniform:

anniversary girls

Very exciting addition to our Blythe family!

So Adam got a Li’l Heart, who doesn’t have a name yet. The two new girls commiserated about the long journey:

new girls

To be honest, Li’l Heart looks shellshocked! I have some pictures coming up (from Adam’s flickr stream most likely) of her in her stock outfit. Here is one more fun picture of these two together in the “woods”:

In the woods